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The Twitter One Team Summit was a massive event that took place over the course of 3 days. One of the key features that had to show up at the annual event was the Twitter shop. A one stop hub to grab all of your twitter merch and more.
TWInspo 2.jpg
TWInspo 1.jpg


The Twitter team had provided us with a dynamic new branding look featuring linear stipes of jewel tone colors. We used these lines throughout the entire venue as a way of wayfinding. For store, we used the graphic sparingly so that we could lean into the more natural aesthetic of the brand. The shop space featured:
  • Dynamic Entry Walls
  • Checkout area
  • Merch Display Shelving
  • Merch Display Walls (for hanging)
  • Custom Planters
  • Wood vinyl flooring


I chose to go with a simple clean lenticular approach for the arrival wall. For both years, a slatted wall invited attendees into the space.

Certain walls were used to showcase branding and product. Those walls were made of aluminum frames and printed fabric.

Custom bar height planters enclosed the perimeter of the space.

A combination of floor shelving and wall mounted displays showcased the merch.


The end result took 2 months of design and documentation, weeks of fabrication and 3 days of installation.

Special attention was paid to the colors of all printed pieces and furniture selects in order to properly represent the brand.

New furniture pieces and branded elements were added during install to increase the presence of the store.


Most of the structure was aluminum frame with printed SEG fabric, but the rest was custom fabricated.
The slat walls needed to feel super finished, so we devised a way to connect them only at the top and at the bottom with minimal bracing needed.
Overall the design for each years Twitter shop was well received, and served as the anchor to the events overall look and feel.
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