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Palo Alto Networks


[feature project]

While working with Blueprint Studios, I was tasked with designing booths and environments for many  large tech brands. One of those brands was Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks (PAN) is a pioneer in providing a wide range of Next-Generation Firewalls that can make your system secured from any external risks. The company makes you experience the next generation of network security as it offers a highly innovative platform by which you can make your network secured.

For this project, PAN would be making an appearance at an annual tech conference called RSA. For the Booth design, they were allotted a 20' x 20' space. The project required a dynamic design approach with considerations for branding, fabrication and printing and rigging and more.
Inspo A.jpg
Inspo B.jpg


The main request from the client was to create a booth that would stand out from all of the other tech brands on the expo floor, and to utilize the volume of the space that allowed for effective comms between the PAN experts and attendees. The booth program called for the following elements:
  • Overhead hanging sign
  • Carpeted/Finished Flooring w/ Cable control
  • Custom Demo Stations
  • Theater Area
  • Private Meeting Room
  • Reception Counter
  • Scenic Design
I took inspiration from organic mobile installations and geometric shapes. The brand had a colorful array of brand colors to work with so, my goal was to use those colors to orient and direct the attendee interation.


After multiple rounds of renders and designs, the final design approach was to create a crescendoing chandelier of colorful tiles that anchored the space​. Geometric forms would reach out to the attendee from both above and at eye level. 

The overhead sign featured layered elements  that broke out of the container of it's shape.

Over 200 double sided sintra tiles were meticulously rigged at staggering heights to create the main installation. The installation of the colorful tiles also covered the central meeting room which was enclosed by frosted acrylic.

A large video wall was created for presentations with theater style seating.


These events are very user focused and often require custom elements that help the client convey the details of their products. For this booth, we designed custom demo kiosk. The kiosk were a training station for attendees to work directly with experts.
The design appraoch for the kiosk required 3 components.
  • An identification marker (header sign) for topic
  • A digitial media display (TV)
  • Surface for writing (Acrylic white board)
  • Storage
I designed these stations to be double sided so that they could be versatile within the space.


The end result took 2 months of design and documentation, weeks of fabrication and 3 days of installation.
Special attention was paid to the colors of all printed pieces and furniture selects in order to properly represent the brand.
We opted for less digital displays in efforts to make the booth more warm and inviting, compared to the blank sterile booths nearby.
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