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sephora slc brand fair

20+ Custom Exhibit Booth Activations

[feature project]

If you've ever entered a Sephora store, you know that these stores feature dozens of high end cosmetic brands that all have a unique identity and bold new products. For 2 years, I had the pleasure of working alongside the Blueprint Studios team to produce Sephora's annual brand fair at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Each year, I worked to conceptualize, design and produce over 20 unique brand activations filled with dynamic branding, bold fabrication and engaging interactions. Below are just a few of the booths that I am most proud to have worked on.


Bite Beauty had a new line of lipstick that they were releasing, and they wanted their booth to showcase some of the unique qualities of the new line.
The new product was to feature new bold poppy shades of their lipstick line, and each new color was paired with new technology that infused a revitalizing sense of moisture into the application.
The end product was a "pool side" exhibit booth.  Walls filled with colorful floaties, and aloe vera plants, as well as a printed pool graphic on the floor were used to represent the refreshing nature of the product and the ingredients used to create it.


Fenty Beauty was building a lot of momentum during the first year I worked on this event. With the brands association with renowned pop star Rihanna, this booth was a fan favorite.

The main product feature here was the brands large selection or foundations and concealers perfect for all skin shades. 

I designed the booth to showcase some of the brands bold commercial imagery, as well as creating large 3D letters to serve as the pedestals for product display.

We kept the overall palette of the booth bathed in neutral tones, and kept the floor plan relatively open, while also creating moments for digital displays.


This was one of the first booths that I got to work on for this event. I was more so involved in the initial conceptualization of this booth; rendering countless iterations, what the booth ultimately turned out to be was quite amazing.

My colleagues were able to build and produce a booth was a a premium display of the brands scientific character and high end expectations.

The booth was outfitted with a large back-lit logo, illuminated graphic glass floors, 3D  forma panels and an angled star-lit ceiling.


Out of the world beauty was the name of the game for this booth. Stellar was featuring a product all about intergalactic colors and shimmering effects

I took their product description and ran with it to create a small but mighty space featuring holographic surfaces, dancing LED starlight's and bold imagery.