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Updated: May 7, 2020

VERSER 20.01.04

Once upon a time there was a single moment that defined a single moment. The product of every element that was involved in his creation. Molding the perfect failure built for habitation. His skin met his lips then unto his toes. Forming a bias beauty built for antagonizing his foes. His gentle spirit leant itself to a harmless incentive. False motivation that he often considered his only directive. Constantly allowing the climax of faulty affiliations. Seldom to take part in the resolution of his earned retributions. Falling into order with every card he drew. The man he'd become would never meet the man he knew. Highly conscious of the charismatic detour, he numbly pushed the car toward a binge worthy empty ocean shore. Seeking higher conception to line his path. Often volunteering as tribute for a warless wrath. Allowing days to sweep the crumbs of his complacency, quietly reflecting on the ocean bottoms and misplaced tea. Sequestering a deal to mislead himself. This relationship will be resolved in the court of sickness and in health.

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